Archbishop Insists Biden Is Not A ‘Devout’ Catholic Because Of Abortion Stance

Archbishop Joseph Nauman of Kansas City, Kansas, says President Joe Biden is not really “devout” Catholic because of his stance towards abortion rights.

“The president should stop defining himself as a devout Catholic, and accept that his perspective on abortion is contrary to Catholic ethics,” Nauman said Catholic World Report In an interview on Saturday.

He accused the president of “confirming the role of the bishop and confusing the people.” Catholic bishops have the responsibility to “correct” the president Calls himself pious, The archbishop said.

Nauman said, “Although the people have given power and authority to this president, he cannot define what it means to be Catholic and what is Catholic ethics.”

The Archbishop also appreciated it Catholic clergy in South Carolina For “his conscience voice” in refusing to offer Biden’s communion in 2019. The Roman Catholic Church “believes” the EucharistPeak and source“Christian life, which gives an important sign of condemnation to this sacrament.

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Archbishop Joseph Nauman of the city of Kansas said that President Joe Biden should “stop defining himself as a devout Catholic, and accept that his perspective on abortion is contrary to Catholic ethics.”

Nauman suggests that Biden, a lifelong Catholic and weekly churchgoer, should not come forward to receive Communion during Mass because her stance on abortion is a “grave evil”.

“When Catholics receive the Eucharist, they acknowledge the real presence of Jesus, and also believe in the teachings of the Church. President Biden does not believe in the teachings of the Church on the sanctity of human life, and must give them to the priest. Should not be placed in a position where they have to decide whether to allow them to receive the Eucharist or not, “the archbishop said.” They should know that after 78 years as a Catholic. “

John Gehring, director of the Catholic Program in the Faith of Progressive Advocacy Group in public life, called Nauman’s words a form of “theological malpractice”, which does nothing to change Catholics’ views on the issue.

“An effective way to express serious disagreement with President Biden on this issue without burning bridges with the White House and alienating millions of Catholics who are proud of how the president has demonstrated his faith Is for his character and his commitment. Mango is good, “Gehring told HuffPost.

The American Conference of Catholic Bishops has marked abortion as “one”.Pre-eminent“Priority for Catholic voters. Because he Presides the committee on pro-life activities, A group of bishops seeking to curb access to this process, is a special weight in Nauman’s words.

At the same time, the Catholic Diocese of Washington, DC, has stated that He will not deny the banquet for Biden. Cardinal Wilson Gregory suggests that adopting such a rigid stance would “go to the table with a gun”.

Nauman’s and Gregory’s different perspectives demonstrate how deeply divided American Catholic bishops are to handle the progressive faith of the nation’s second Catholic president. Some, like Nauman, took a combative stance towards Biden, focusing on issues of culture war such as abortion. Other bishops, including many appointed by Pope Francis, have worked jointly on ethical issues by negotiating and emphasizing where there is common ground – such as welcoming refugees.

After the 2020 election, the American Conference of Catholic Bishops formed a special group to discuss how to deal with Biden. The group was now disbanded, proposing a report of the Eucharist’s report and the Catholic’s public witness requirement. National Catholic Reporter.

Joe and Jill Biden attend Mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral on January 20, 202, during the Inauguration Day ceremony.

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Joe and Jill Biden attend Mass in St. Matthew’s Cathedral during the Inauguration Day ceremony on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Jamie Manson, president of the abortion rights group Catholic for Choice, told HuffPost that she sees these disagreements among American bishops in a positive light, as it is historically rare for bishops to publicly oppose each other is.

“It’s really an optimistic sign that we are not a complete believer,” she said. “We are honoring the Catholic intellectual tradition and respecting the Catholic understanding of the conscience.”

Biden said that while he Personally accepts church doctrine When life begins, he does not want to impose those thoughts on others.

He opposed federal funding for abortions in the past, but began avoiding the party line in 2019 when he became the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Since becoming president, Biden has taken steps to expand access to reproductive health care, including reintroducing a Trump policy that blocks taxpayer funding for global health nonprofits that support abortion or abortion counseling Provide.

Most Catholics in America are adults Ignore church teaching About contraception, and A. majority Abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

Manson said Catholics in the pews see abortion as a morally nuanced issue, while bishops “want to taint it”. Catholics for Choice Research There is a suggestion that Catholics across the political spectrum disagree with the effort to incite those who legally support abortion access.

“When Jesus welcomed people to his table, he did not need any orthodox tests,” Manson said.


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